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Empower Change: Join Our Tech Community Today!

Be a part of our community and play a defining role within it. Immerse yourself in a collaborative culture built on inclusion, fostering personal growth, and celebrating originality. We provide you with the necessary resources to make a complex world more accessible through technology, empowering you to create positive change.

Why work for Stencil Technologies


We celebrate holidays and birthdays together, organize team building events, sports events and beer Thursdays. Friendliness and willingness to help – this is what you will find in Stencil Technologies


We all work differently. Some of us have families and some of us are night owls. We are not a typical 8 to 5 company. We focus on results rather than the time of day you prefer to deliver those results.


you’ll be surrounded by teammates who enjoy this type of work, and who get excited about sharing their knowledge. You’ll also be working with clients who appreciate what we bring to the table. The combination has created a positive working environment where we can all build fulfilling careers over the long-haul.

Job Opportunities

We currently have no Job Openings ​
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